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Bikes rental

We offer you modern, high-quality bicycles MTB ROMET.

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Skis, sledges, snowboards rental

Ski equipment from reputable brands.

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Camping equipment rental

We have everything you need for hiking in the mountains.

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Bike tours

Rout maps. Organization of bicycle tours.

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Bike rental

Probably, each of us, at least, once in a life ride a bike. Why when we sit on the bike and start pedaling ,the extremely pleasant feeling of freedom and speed alive in ourselves. Because it reminds us of that distant and carefree childhood when we first get to know what a bike is ... If you are really fed ud up with daily routine but a healthy spirit of adventure is not losting you so come to Yaremche and take the bike! We'll show you the Carpathians beauty the way you will never see from the window of a bus or car. Clear mountain air, beautiful views, satisfaction of intercepting spirit downhills - and that's all you get by taking a part in a bicycle tour or cycling trip in the Carpathians or you can do it on your own going everywhere you wish. Just rent our bike!

Skis, sledges, snowboards rental

Winter ... Snowy peaks of the Carpathian mountains, snow squeaks beneath your feet, striking sun mercilessly makes you cry, light tan on the face, a lot of ??emotions from wild drive and a good dose of adrenalin. And then the evening stars, feeling of pleasant fatigue after a day, hot red wine or a warming miracle cognac that you drink in a company of your friends, stories of exciting descents and just interesting conversation make this evening really amazing. Every year ski tourism is developing more and more in Ukraine , becoming one of the most popular leisure of Ukrainians. To rent ski equipment is a good way out of situation till you have not bought your desired skis or snowboard.

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